So what does "AKHENA" mean, anyhow?

AKHENA is a hybrid name of two goddesses, Akhilandeshvari, or Akhila for short, and Athena. These two important goddesses represent what us human beings are capable of attaining. Akhila, or the goddess who is "never not broken", always fragmented but one who embraces this brokenness, has golden rays of sunlight spill forth from the cracks while she rides atop of her crocodile through turbulent waters. A serene smile on her face and a sense of peacefulness can be felt from her. She is complete and content with herself.
Athena, another Goddess of the Cosmos, standing ever so proud yet humble, is ever shining and radiant in her bright armor. Athena upholds the virtues of wisdom, creativity, and strategy. Empowered by and equipped with her tools and trusty companion, the owl, she is ready to take on any just cause or challenge. Athena pushes us forward towards becoming the bold adventurer, intelligent warrior and the skilled craftsperson. These two goddesses point us in the direction of how to live our most authentic selves. They give us many self-empowering gifts to fulfill our true potential. They show us how to be complete, even when we feel broken. They teach us that we are both worthy of being loved and loving others. They let us know, it's okay to be human.

"For through the cracks we can now see our own golden radiance." -AKHENA Health & Wellness