Mental, Behavioral and Psychiatric Services

Whether you are looking to start therapeutic services or medications for the first time, returning after months or years, or just wanting to change things up, we at AKHENA Health & Wellness welcome you! 
  • Mind. Body. Spirit. We encourage our patients to learn with us mindfulness based stress reduction techniques, effective coping skills, healthy communication and relationships, as well as, to focus on the whole person and their health and well-being.
  • Creative Processing. The PMHNP likes to create art or build Lego creations when in sessions. Can be done from the convenience of your home or office during telehealth visits too!
  • Coordinating Care. We ask that all of our patients establish care with a PCP [Primary Care Provider/Physician] prior to starting treating with us. The provider makes best efforts in consulting/coordinating care with your PCP and other healthcare providers you might be seeing to maximize your health, wellbeing and safety outcomes as much as possible. *This also helps with the referral/insurance authorization process.

Ages: While the primary ages we see are from 8 years of age to young adults, we are constantly assessing best-fit practices for our clinicians/providers. We also plan to add other professionals that will see older adults and the geriatric populations. Please inquire or stay tuned!

Symptoms & Disorders we treat on an Outpatient level:
-Obsessive compulsive behaviors
-Dysregulated mood & disruptive behaviors
-PTSD & trauma response

Telehealth visits

For the time being, we are only doing telehealth appointments.  We will make an update if and when we decide to return to also making in-person visits again.

Vedic Counseling, Spiritual Coaching, Pujari Services

There is a good chance that many Americans haven't heard of the words 'Vedic' or 'Pujari' but we do see more and more Americans looking for other ways of healing, processing, understanding and enriching their lives. Here are some of the services Suhaila offers to adults of all ages and some teens [case by case basis]:

Vedic Counseling / holistic spiritual life coaching

sessions (45 mins) - Recommendations during sessions may include topics related to: diet, herbs, yoga/qigong, mantra, chanting, meditation, and breathing exercises etc.

Pujas and Havan

- Personalized spiritual rituals, remedies and fire ceremonies are available to aid in overcoming obstacles and achieving success in your undertakings.

Stay Tuned!

We are looking to grow and expand into a multidisciplinary, integrative team! AKHENA Health & Wellness, LLC, plans to incorporate other professionals into our practice in the near future such as: Naturopathic Doctor [ND], Licensed Massage Therapist [LMT], Licensed Acupuncturist [LAc], Chinese Medicine Doctor, Medical Doctor [MD]/Physician Assistant [PA], and others. Please contact us if you would like more information and be put on our list for when they are ready to serve the community! 
If you are provider looking to join our team, please call or email us and we'll be happy to chat!